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The EDL Difference

Unlike all other gem testing laboratories around the world, The European Diamond Laboratory was established for the sole purpose of grading polished diamonds and polished diamonds set in jewellery. We do not grade any corundum stones or pearls and utilise all our skill and technology in the grading of diamonds. In this way, we aim to specialise in the skills required for grading one commodity and on average, all our graders have seen and graded at least 10,000 diamonds before they become part of the EDL family.

We also aim to seek written guarantees from all users submitting their item for grading that their items adhere to all UN regulations and we aim to certify that all diamonds we grade, to the best of our knowledge, comes from a war free zone according to all UN regulations. We understand that diamonds are precious and they could be used to fund wars and illegal activity. We aim to eradicate this poison in the system by grading diamonds which are conflict free.

We also aim to certify gem diamonds, not industrial, hence on the clarity grade, we only go up to I2 clarity and not beyond as we believe that any diamond which are I3 and over fall within the semi industrial type of diamond and cannot be gem quality. We try and avoid misleading the consumer by issuing certificates which to the common man should be the misuse of the term gem white diamonds, hence we aim to limit our grading to gem white diamonds.

EDL predominantly uses experience of its graders to certify diamonds with the help of the continuous development of technology in this field. Our grading system is different to others in the sense that on the colour grading scale, we only go from D-P instead of D-Z as all diamonds falling between Q-Z are seen by us to be faint to fancy colours which are a different category than white diamonds. Hence we believe that all diamonds falling between Q-Z cannot be white, and we do not aim to mislead the consumer by categorising them with white diamonds.

We emphasize the fact that diamonds is the essence of love and only gem quality diamonds should be sold to the public with the EDL certificate.

Our online verification system is very easy and simple to use and it gives the consumer confidence that the diamond graded by our lab and bought with our certification is genuine.

Above all else, our company ethos revolves around the precious commodity that is diamonds and although diamond grading is subjective rather than scientific, we great take care while grading diamonds so that consumers attain a product which shows fair value for money which they are spending on the item they purchase. We hope you enjoy the product purchased with the EDL certificate.