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Certification and Security

We issue two main kinds of certificates, one for polished diamonds and the other for diamond jewellery. All diamonds graded by us are laser inscribed by us and the diascript inscription is shown on each certificate reflecting the certificate number issued by us. Our terms, conditions and limitations are printed on the certificate so as to avoid any doubt.

All certificates issued by us contain various in built secure features. You may find irregularities in writing and spacing in some certificates and these are deliberate so as to avoid issue of fake certificates. The golden hologram and many other in built secure features aim to protect you, the consumer to discriminate between real and fake certificates.

We make sure all our suppliers of the certificate paper, laminating equipment and printing material only supply to us in the certification trade so as to avoid conflict of supplies with other labs so as to make our certificates different to others.

Online verification of certificates issued by us secure the consumer. All items issued with the EDL certificate, if stolen, and notified to us can be updated on the system so as to inform our client if and when a person tries to check the validity of the certificate for the item that has been identified to us as been stolen. We aim to try our best to bring the IP address used to verify a stolen item to the notice of the client.